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The significance of the layout of downlights, spotlights and track lights

The significance of the layout of downlights, spotlights and track lights

  • April 23,2020.

As a professional modern led light manufacturer, Vellnice will introduce some point about the significance of the layout of indoor lights system.

Referring the effect of the lighting which restore the nature color of the object under sunshine,produce the indirect lighting and shaped the light.

For living environment,the lighting gradates spaces,color temperature warms mood of people above all its not only with the lighting and esthetic effect but also psycho assist.

 Inductive optics before layout lights 

indoor light layout
led track light

led recessed downlight

▲effect of lighting

After understood the effect of lighting will know what we can do. The lighting layout is defining the main and secondary of lighting and separate the lighting area.

Area scatter lighting 

Area scatter lighting:It is aimed at "one point lighting for the whole house". It is a multi-level lighting mode with multiple interfaces of walls, roofs and floors in the way of combining points, lines and surfaces according to the different needs of different spaces and areas in the room.

led ceiling light


1.For local uniform lighting, what is the appropriate distance from fixture to d1

2.What is the proper distance between lamp d2 and wall if light drawing or wall washer

To answer this question, we need to know the beam angle of the lamp. Take a wide beam angle of 36 ° as an example. In a room with a floor height of 2.8-3 meters, the light field hitting the ground is a circle with a diameter of about 2 meters. Therefore, the maximum distance between lamps D1 can be 2 meters, and the maximum beam angle D1 can be 2.5 meters at 45 °

According to the cases experience, our sense of brightness is greater than the actual value needed, so we can shorten the lamp spacing to increase the brightness. It is recommended to install a lamp at an interval of 1-1.5m. The distance d2 between the lamp and the wall is suitable for 30-50cm (if it is less than 30cm, it can be remedied by adjusting the light spot with wide beam angle)

Is it bright enough?

Look at the figure below. In fact, from a global point of view, the key point of area scatter lighting is the sense of light hierarchy, rather than the lighting of the whole house.

led recessed downlight

A home has different areas, and each area is divided according to where people ‘s area. The real person who knows how to live well is to let the family adapt to you, not the opposite.

How to adapt each area?

This is a problem that needs to be considered and communicated on its own. When you find the most lasting demand in each partition, it is the origin of the partition space, and then consider the elements inside, distinguish the primary and secondary, so as to expand the layout of lights.

As far as the living room is concerned, we suggest that you can adjust your lighting layout around the sitting position, posture and moving line. As the "dividing point between the road and the home", the porch can arrange the lights around "the first feeling of going home"

led track light

There are not many opportunities for lighting in the whole house. Even if Partition lighting is adopted, it is necessary to do a good job in shunt control. For example, if a homeowner has the habit of taking a nap in a reclining chair, he should have a nearby switch to turn off the downlight above. To adapt to people's habits is one of the layout principles of Partition scatter lighting.

If you want to know the origin of each area of your home, and combine the lighting effect summarized above, the lighting layout plan will come out basically.

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