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What Is The Division Of Bathroom Waterproofing? How To Light A Bathroom?(One)

What Is The Division Of Bathroom Waterproofing? How To Light A Bathroom?(One)

  • March 26,2020.

We often find that many homeowners focus on the living room, master bedroom and other places when they are decorating at home, but does not take much thought on bathroom. It's like applying a layer of powder on the girl's face, making people feel that her face is really fair, but looking at the neck without powder, it is too bad.

waterproof recessed downlights

"Before makeup" bathroom effect

waterproof recessed downlights

"After makeup" bathroom effect

Therefore, the lighting design of the bathroom can not be ignored. We should know more about it.

1.Bathroom Lighting areas

Bathroom space can be divided into dry and wet areas. In most cases, we consider its lighting based on its functional features. But on this basis, you can also combine functionality and decoration to make the bathroom effect very good, which will make the quality of the home space rise to a higher level.

The lighting area of the bathroom space can be divided into three areas: A. general illumination B. Mirror Lighting C. The lighting of shower room

Among them, the general illumination of the toilet and bathroom (that is, A + C) can use a wide-beam waterproof recessed downlights, or a larger angle spotlight, which can provide a relatively basic light for the space and achieve a relatively soft effect. .

For the part of the washstand (ie B), some task lighting is necessary. Whether it is on the side of the mirror or overhead, they work for the local area.

2. Is it moisture-proof = IP?

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the first thing to talk about is moisture resistance. Whether it is the owner or the construction party, waterproof led lamps are required in this area, but what is the moisture-proof? It feels that everyone's descriptions are not the same. Some products with glass panes are called moisture-proof, and some say the IP rating of the lamps ...

The first thing to correct is to prevent moisture ≠ IP

▲ The IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of the appliance against dust and foreign objects. (The foreign objects referred to here include tools, human fingers, etc. must not touch the live parts inside the appliance. , In order to avoid electric shock), the second number indicates the tightness of the appliance against moisture and water, and the higher the number, the higher the protection level.

What is the IP? The IP rating is what we usually call waterproof and dust-proof. Since it is waterproof and dust-proof, plainly speaking, it is liquid and solid resistant. It has no direct relationship with gas resistance. In other words, it is actually related to moisture resistance. It's not directly related.

The first digit after IP: Dust-proof level

Second digit after IP: Waterproof grade

In fact, in the lighting industry, there is no special parameter and indicator to specify the level of moisture resistance. As a result, whenever people mention the bathroom, people will think that the lamp will encounter water, and the water vapor will be heavier. Therefore, there is a need for a glass shield, or there are certain requirements on the IP level. However, these are not very reasonable or correct requirements in terms of moisture resistance.

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