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What Is The Division Of Bathroom Waterproofing? How To Light A Bathroom?(Two)

What Is The Division Of Bathroom Waterproofing? How To Light A Bathroom?(Two)

  • March 26,2020.

3.What are the scientific divisions of waterproofing in bathroom areas?

Regarding the bathroom area, do we have more scientific or detailed requirements? Here we introduce a set of standards, or a methodology. But this is a relatively scientific method to restrict where the bathroom has specific requirements on the waterproof level.

This set of standards divides the entire bathroom area into four areas: zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, and other zones (other zones are sometimes referred to as zone 3). The four areas are divided according to the possibility of water exposure in each area, or the difference in the conditions of water exposure.

Zone 0: bathtub or shower itself. In this area, ① the IP rating is greater than IPX7 ② must use low-voltage 12V lighting products.

Zone 1: Bath or shower area, which is also an area 2.25 meters above the ground. In this area, an IP rating greater than IPX4 is required, or IPX5 is recommended.

Zone 2: The bath or shower area extends 0.6 meters outward, or there is a radius of 0.6 meters for any water outlet area. This area is likely to be exposed to splashing water. In this area, an IP rating greater than IPX4 is required.

Other areas (area 3): Except for areas 0, 1, and 2, this area is unlikely to be exposed to water spray, so it is defined as other areas. In this area, there are no specific requirements for waterproof and dust-proof, as long as other lamps in the room, IP20 lighting products is available.

This standard requires a more detailed division of waterproofing in the bathroom, and is also a more scientific set of practices.

4.Mirror lighting design

After talking about waterproofing, let's talk about the specific requirements of the lighting in front of the washstand, that is, the lighting in the makeup area?

1.Irradiation and direction of light

① Use a waterproof recessed spotlight in front of the sink. It should be wide beam angle, or the lamp on the top can illuminate the area relatively comprehensively, providing sufficient brightness without being too heavy shadow.

② It is better to have some modern wall mounted led lights on the side or next to the washstand mirror. This can obviously weaken the shadows on our faces.

This is also a point that we often communicate with the owners, because the scenes they see in the ceramic ware exhibition hall are not like this. In order to better express the texture of stainless steel or ceramics, the exhibition hall is different from home in the installation position or selection of modern waterproof lamps. They prefer a smaller beam angle to reflect the reflective texture of ceramic and stainless steel.

modern waterproof lamps

▲Bathroom exhibition hall

For home bathrooms, we want the lighting to be comfortable and the facial expressions to be natural, so the angle of the light should be as large as possible, but the installation position should be as close to the inside as possible to avoid heavy shadow effects.

In summary, in this area,①try to choose a spotlight with a larger angle. ② Do as much as possible to set up the fill light on the facade, using the wall wall lamp or mirror front lamp is possible.

modern bathroom led lights

▲ Wall lamp

modern bathroom led lights

▲ Mirror Front Light

2.High color temperature VS low color temperature

In addition to the way and direction of light irradiation, there is another thing that everyone needs to consider is the color temperature. Simply from the effect of the bathroom, both color temperatures are OK. The high color temperature makes the bathroom look cleaner and fresher. A lower color temperature makes the bathroom warmer and more comfortable.

modern bathroom led lights

▲ High color temperature vs low color temperature effect

However, if we consider the effect of the appearance of facial skin color and makeup, the high color temperature on the left may be better, that is, a color temperature similar to 4000K may be better.

modern bathroom led lighting

▲ The face looks fair at high color temperatures, and the face looks dark yellow at low color temperatures

In addition to think, what are the key points of lighting design in areas such as toilets and baths? In the whole area of the bathroom, how do we improve the sense of quality? See you next time we share.

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